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New! Folklore Workbook & Playing Cards

3. Dec 2017

Folklore Workbook & Playing Cards, 32 drills and puzzles, 36 pages, based on 13 Icelandic folktales. Christmas offer 3.900 ISK. No shipping charges to Iceland.

New Cards

27. Apr 2017

Work is in progress on new "52 Tidbits" cards, that will be available in French, English, German and Icelandic.

Until then we will only be offering the following playing cards:

- The Northern Lights in English/Icelandic
- The Northern Lights in English/Chinese
- Folktale Cards

All playing card decks are now available for 1.750 ISK incl. VAT.

Our popular "double decks" are also available, please contact us by email at

Christmas Special

11. Dec 2016

It's time for our Christmas special! Buy from us in December and we'll enter you into our jackpot. On the day before Christmas (Mass of St. Thorlac) we'll give away one overnight stay at Selfoss Hotel for two, breakfast included. Please also see our Facebook site.

And if you don't know already, candles and cards are a classic Christmas gift in Iceland! :-)

The picture is taken yesterday, at our booth at the ever so cosy Hafnarfjörður Christmas village.

EURO 2016 Offer!

24. Jun 2016

We are so happy because of the great performance of our Icelandic international soccer team, competing in EURO 2016 in France. The team has made it to the final 16 playoffs – a first for Iceland! That‘s why we will offer our Folktale cards with a 16% discount for a limited time, at 1.671 ISK incl. VAT. Click hereto shop.

Interview with Vikan

10. Dec 2015

This December is a busy but enjoyable time for us. The weekly magazine Vikan published an interview with Hafdís on 10 December. Here's one quote: "Hafdís always intended to make playing cards for children. "Originally the idea was to make playing cards with the Yule Lads poems by poet Jóhannes úr Kötlum, from the wonderful and everlasting classic Jólin koma. Still, I always loved the Icelandic folktales and started to talk to those around me about the idea."

Interview with Channel 1

10. Dec 2015

When it rains it pours, for the third time in a few days our playing cards get publicity. This time an interview with Hafdís on the much loved old radio station "Gufan" on 10 December. You can isten to the interview here on Channel 1 on RUV.

Folktale Cards

6. Dec 2015

Our Folktale Cards are on sale at many of our retailers. Of course they are also on sale right here on our web. Click here to proceed!

Folktale Cards in DV

5. Dec 2015

Our cards were in the news in DV on 4 December. „I used to read frequently for my kids and spent a lot of time in the public library,“ says Hafdís Erla Bogadóttir, the designer of two types of playing cards. One is a deck with 52 tidbits about Iceland, with a choice of four beautiful images by renown Icelandic photographers. The other one is based on classic Icelandic folktales, targeted at children, but suitable for all the family. See DV for details.

Gift box with logo

26. Oct 2015

We now offer gift boxes containing two playing card decks, with your custom company logo of choice on the box. One of the decks is the Folktale cards and the other one can be chosen from one of the following:

- Fjallabak (Behind the mountains), RAX
- The Northern Lights, Ellert
- Eruption, RAX
- Hallgrimur Church

The Folktale deck contains 13 illustrations referring to classic Icelandic folktales in four languages. Each of the cards has a unique (QR code) hyperlink to the story behind it in the respective language. You can even listen to many of the stories.

The other deck contains 52 tibits about Iceland.

For detailed information please select the „Shop“ menu on this page, contact or call +354 848-1610.

Finally, we‘d like to share with you a quote from one of the largest and most respected importing company in Iceland:

„Our suppliers abroad were very impressed with the cards. They take up little space in the luggage, tidbits about Iceland and entertainment in one package.

A personal gift where we placed the company logo on the package. I can recommend this gift to people abroad without hesitation.“

Pall Hilmarsson – Marketing Manager Innnes Ltd.

The Folktale Cards have arrived!

2. Oct 2015

Our new playing cards have just arrived and are on sale on our web! Beautiful cards based on 13 classic stories from the book „Icelandic Folktales“ by Benedikt Johannesson and Johannes Benediktsson, illustrated by artist Eyrun Oskarsdottir.

Enjoy playing card games and reading the stories with the young ones at the same time. The cards have quotes taken from Icelandic folktales, in four languages. The hearts are in Icelandic, the spades in English, the diamonds in German and finally the clubs in French. Each card also has a unique QR code that provides a link for smart devices to the respective story and language on our web There one can read the full version in Icelandic and an excerpt at least in other languages. Most of the stories also have audio versions in Icelandic and work is in progress to make versions for all the stories in all these languages.

For the full list of stories press here.

Price is 1.600 ISK (24% VAT may apply).

We can provide gift bundles with two of our card decks (Folktales and Tidbits) and a custom logo to companies and organizations. Perfect as a small Christmas or opportunity gift when traveling abroad to represent Iceland in a simple and fun way. Also suitable for funding for sports clubs. Please contact and we will make you an offer.

Karolina Fund fund raising completed!

1. Aug 2015

We have now completed our fund raising on Karolina fund, successfully! We thank everyone that supported us, they can expect their rewards when the cards come from printing. Bonus prizes will be sent to all winners in the coming days.

We expect the cards from printing in early September. They will also be sold on our web site.

We are preparing for an exhibition of the original card images at Hotel Selfoss in early August. Stay tuned.

Time of printing draws near!

21. Jun 2015

The time of printing is drawing near! You can still reserve your copy of cards. We'll send them to you as soon as we get them. We greatly appreciate any help in funding the project, found here at Karolina Fund. Our cards, 52 Tidbits about Iceland and Icelanders, are an excellent travel companion in the motorhome and on the road. You can buy them at For a limited time, shipping is free.

MyCountry in the news!

13. Jun 2015

We are delighted to tell you that our cards and Icelandic folklore are featured in the Morgunbladid weekend issue, 14 June 2015. There Hafdis describes, among other things, the idea behind the cards and their strong relation to Icelandic folklore.

To honor this occasion we have published a handful of stories on our web. Some classic illustrated Icelandic folklore that you can listen to.They can be found in the "Stories / List" menu above, but also by clicking HERE.

We also encourage you to take a look at our project on the Karolina Fund web. There you will find detailed information about the cards, reserve a copy and support us at the same time.

Listen to The Lake Lagarfljot Worm!

8. Jun 2015

Now you can listen to the story of The Lake Lagarfljot Worm! We again remind you about our project on publishing Icelandic folklore, with your help and Karolina Fund, we want to demonstrate what you can except. Click HERE to listen to and/or read the classic story of The Lake Lagarfljot Worm! This sample is in Icelandic, but we aim to have translations in other languages, at least excerpts.

Karolina Fund

2. Jun 2015

Have you checked out Karolina Fund? Anyone who supports us on Karolina fund will have a chance to win a prize when we reach our goal.

1. A gift card for an overnight stay at Selfoss Hotel, breakfast included. Access to Riverside Spa or Greenfee for two at Selfoss, Hveragerdi or Thorlakshofn Golf Club.

2. Three matching images deck - 13 fairy tales and folklore.

3.Icelandic folklore and adventures from the Jon Arnason collection.

Listen to Bukolla!

25. May 2015

As a part of the funding of our project on publishing Icelandic folklore, with your help and Karolina Fund, we want to demonstrate what you can except. Click HERE to listen to and/or read the classic story of the cow Bukolla! This sample is in Icelandic, but we aim to have translations in other languages, at least excerpts.

Karolina Fund

22. May 2015

Dear visitor!

We are looking for support to bring our new and exciting playing cards to market. We have started fund raising on Karolina Fund. Everyone gets something in return. For us every small bit counts.

For more information please see our project page on the Karolina Fund web site.

We would be grateful if you could share this message for us, to people you believe are fond of classic Icelandic adventures and folklore. To enjoy it in a more modern and different way, perhaps.

Thank you!

Graphic Design Work

21. May 2015

It was on a sunny April spring day when graphics designer Bjork Hardardottir got our card drawings for processing. Bjork also did the graphics artwork for the "52 Tidbits About Iceland" playing cards and the MyCountry logo.

Folktale Illustrations

20. May 2015

It was only fitting that artist Eyrun Oskarsdottir handed over our first drawings to Hafdis Erla at the Asgrimur Jonsson (1876-1958) Art Museum in Reykjavik. There, Asgrimur did most of his pioneering work, bringing Icelandic folklore and adventures to life with his remarkable drawings, making him one of Icelands greatest in his class.

Clearing Sale

22. Apr 2015

It's almost summer, so now we offer 40-50% discount on selected items. Don't miss this opportunity and be our friend on Facebook!

Caps, mittens, shawls and scarfs by Edda, 40% discount.
Before 6.450 ISK, now only 3.870 ISK

Candles and Cards, 50% discount
Before 4.900 ISK, now only 2.450 ISK

Limitied supply, no shipping cost within Iceland if you buy for more than 5,000 ISK. Early bird catches the worm. For offer, please send email to or phone +354 848-1610.

See our Facebook page for details.

Price reduction!

3. Jan 2015

Because of the reduction in the Value Added Tax (VAT) from 25.5% to 24% on 1 January 2015 we have lowered all our retail prices.

Hotel Selfoss Gift

9. Dec 2014

Anyone buying for more than 5,000 ISK (40 USD) will enter a lottery and have a chance to win a stay at Hotel Selfoss. Included is a double room for one night, a three course dinner and breakfast at the Riverside Restaurant. The gift is valid for two.
Please see the hotel web site for general information. The hotel is situated at the bank of Icelands largest river and has all the makings for an unforgettable experience.

The winner will be announced on 23 December 2014.

New products have arrived!

17. Nov 2014

We now have received new items, and we expect to have them on sale here by 19 November.

Our popular playing cards are now available with new images and a slighly revised text. Due to a number of requests for cards in English/Chinese we decided to produce cards for the growing number of Chinese tourists.

We also offer cards and candles in bundles, packaged in gift sacks. Send us which combination you prefer, what cards, the color of candles, and how many. The gift sacks are sold without margin. Contact and we'll be happy to assist you.

We are expecting new boxes of matches with elve figures in a few days. They are produced at Bjarkarás, a rehabilitation center for mentally impaired people.

We also offer some beautiful items from Engilbert Design (Engilbertshönnun), using artwork by the artist Jón Engilbert. Offers include e.g. head scarfs, pillows and cloths. The beautiful design gives the artwork new life, new beginings, so that all can enjoy.

New in November!

27. Oct 2014

This November we will introduce new versions of our playing cards „52 Tidbits“. You can choose from card images by photographers Ragnar Axelsson (RAX), Ellert Grétarsson (ELG) and Andreas Warler. Suitable as a Christmas gift for friends at home and abroad.
And now we offer the cards in English/Chinese!

We will also offer neat gift sacks with cards and candles. An excellent gift honoring the true Icelandic custom of giving cards and candles for Christmas.

For a limited time, the original version of our cards with the image "Að fjallabaki" will be offered at a special price until we receive our new cards later in November. There will be free shipping on all such orders and we will add two decks of cards at no charge if you buy eight or more.

Got an idea?!

30. Jan 2014

We are seeking cooperation with enthusiastic designers and artists. Please feel free to contact us at Who knows, maybe we can do something special together!

Lottery at Ingolfstorg

16. Dec 2013

During this December 7-8 weekend we decided to join the Christmas Market at Ingolfstorg in Reykjavik to introduce our products. It was very enjoyable and we were thrilled by how happy our guests were with our products. The small wooden boats crafted by Víglundur Möller Sívertsen also attracted attention. No wonder, they are a piece if art gaining new life from old furniture, doors and windows.

We would like to thank everyone that came and visited us in our tent. We gave everyone hot cocoa during the freezing Saturday where we experinced that it is better to give than to receive.

During the market our customers had the opportunity to enter our lottery. We now have a winner. The prize, a boat by Víglundur, was won by Stefanía Pálmarsdóttir, and it's on his way to her by mail.